Can sugar make your ‘picky’ eater stay picky?


Short answer. Yes!


Sugar can affect taste buds¹Tips to Reduce Sugar in your Child’s Diet (2).jpg

When children consume too much sugar on a daily basis, they crave more sweet foods and will be more resistant to healthier alternatives that are low in sugar.

Research shows that picky eaters eat over 50 grams of sugar per day! That’s over 12 teaspoons of sugar!

Do I need to ban everything that has sugar?

No. We support EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, so if your kid goes to a birthday party, they should by all means enjoy the cake without any guilt.

In fact, banning something can actually increase their crave for it. Food guilt is also not good for healthy relationships with food.

What’s important is that they establish a good foundation of eating habits. If your child generally enjoys nutritious foods low in sugar, they will be unlikely to indulge as much sugar as their peers, because it will be too much for them!


But my kid doesn’t like fruit & veg…

That’s OK. You can start by taking baby steps and creating that pressure-free eating environment. You can also refer to the infographic for some quick tips!

If your child is currently hooked onto sugary drinks, why not try diluting it with water first and gradually taking it out of their normal diet.

You can also educate your child on sugar by challenging them to identify the amount of sugar in supermarket cereals and finding the one with the least sugar. Children always learn better when they’re having fun!

Do you have any other tips to share? 



¹ Laura Kopec ‘My Kid’s a Picky Eater: Twelve Secrets to Changing Your Child’s Eating Habit

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