Turmeric Rice


Turmeric rice is a great way of adding flavour to your normal rice. Traditional turmeric rice often calls for many more spices, but when you’re short of time, I think this version is sufficient for an amazing result.

When cooking rice, you can always mix different grains, such as beans, lentils and various types of rice. This can introduce a wider range of foods and nutrients into your child’s diet and get them used to different food textures!

brown/mixed grain rice  3 cups
water  4.5cups (or your usual amount of water)
turmeric powder  1 tablespoon
cardamom powder
star anise  2 cloves


Rinse the rice and fill with appropriate amount of water. Add the turmeric and cardamom powder and lightly mix with a spoon before adding the star anise.

If your rice requires soaking, do so after adding the spices. I think this lets the flavours get in a bit more. I often like to soak my rice for 2 hours, but it really depends on your personal preference.

Cook rice in a rice cooker. When done, remove the star anise and loosen the rice with a spoon. Cover and leave on warm setting for 10 minutes.

Serve rice warm or leave to cool before storing in an air-tight container in the fridge.


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