Tip #2: Try, try & try again


It’s the 4th time your kid has rejected the broccoli

So, you conclude it’s a ‘disliked’ food and stop serving it.

However, research shows that it takes children over a dozen exposures to a certain food before they begin to accept and maybe like it.


“A child should aim to try something 10-15 times, without the pressure to eat it.

-Dr. Powell


IMPROVES HEART HEALTH (1).jpgYou can imagine this as meeting a new person. You wouldn’t call them your friend or best friend before you get to know them.

It would probably take at least a few weeks for you observe whether this person would be a suitable friend, and then a few years before they become your best friend.

Kids also need to get to know their food, and this takes TIME.


So what can you do?

Try, try & try again

They might reject it the first 5 times

Spit it out the next 5 times

Eat one bite the next 5 times….

then at the 20th time, they might just surprise you by saying


So don’t give up trying. Find different ways of exposing children to new foods

Check out the infographic for some extra tips.

You can look to the recipes section on my site for some fun ideas!



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