Mealtime Memories


Source: Pexels

What’s your worst childhood mealtime memory?

Mine was when my aunt would tease me every time they bought out the oranges after dinner, because I was that ‘awkward’ child that didn’t (and I still don’t) eat oranges.

To be honest, I still don’t like seeing that aunt, because she brings back bad memories. I feel that there’s something WRONG about me when I’m around her.

Now what’s your best childhood mealtime memory?

Mine was when my mum would make me my three favourite dishes on my birthday. I really liked how she understood what I liked and disliked and would give me that combo every now and then.

Until now, those flavours still bring back good memories, like how a song can carry emotions and meaning.

So how do you want your child to look back on their mealtime memories 20 years later?

Something different to what you’ve experienced? Something similar?

Is there something you can draw from your experience?

What do you want ‘mealtime’ to mean to you children?


Source: Allie Eats Three Foods










I’m not saying you need to smile and be that super nice and caring mum or dad EVERY night during dinner. However, by just being more conscious about what voice you use during meal time, you can make a big difference. 

Parenting is hard, and all you amazing mums and dads are doing a great job!

Keep it up 🙂


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